After the Trip! TWB Reflections

TWB Reflections!

“I’ve met so many life long friends and made tons of memories and I’m blessed I had the opportunity to come on this trip.” –Jennifer McHenry (Huntersville, NC)

“This trip was such a jump out of my comfort zone but I feel so extremely blessed to been able to have this experience.” –Toula Lampropoulos (Mooresville, NC)

“This experience has been such a blessing and I cannot put into words how amazing it was!” –Mackenzie Hedger (Mooresville, NC)

“The absolute time of my life and the highlight of my high school experience.” –Kathryn Cupp (Cramerton, NC)

“Honestly one of the most amazing 23 days of my life and I wont ever regret a single day of it.” –Carter Horstmann (Raleigh, NC)

“This has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life, I have got to make so many memories and now have 80 new best friends” –Wyatt Ford (Cherryville, NC)

“Such an amazing experience, there are truly no words to describe this trip.” –Amanda Plaster (Reidsville, NC)

“This trip has been such an incredible experience that I will talk about for the rest of my life” –Fiona Reed (Cornelius, NC)

“TWB was such a life changing experience and something I will remember and cherish forever!” –Katie Cusick (Statesville, NC)

“TWB was the best time of my life spent with new lifelong friends.” –Olivia Marshall (Mooresville, NC)

“TWB is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so you have to soak up every second, because you will meet your best friend and make memories to last a lifetime.” –Piper Smith (Monroe, NC)

“TWB is so amazing and it’s a trip of a lifetime where you make so many friends!” –Carleigh Carter (Laurinburg, NC)

‘TWB has been the best adventure of my life, I had so much fun traveling across America with all of my new best friends.” –Erin Duty (Denver, NC)

“This trip has changed my life, I have 80 new family members!” –Maddy Hedger (Mooresville, NC)

“You don’t get a lot of opportunities to learn about yourself, your country, and 80 amazing people at once, but you do on TWB.” –Gracie Hine (Irmo, SC)

“Words can’t even explain how life changing TWB is.” –Luke Smith (Belmont, NC)

“Sleep. You won’t get much of it, you won’t get good sleep, but it won’t matter because the trip is better than any dream you’d have.” –Justin Turner (Denver, NC)

“TWB is an unforgettable, life changing experience and I am so thankful for everyone who helped me get here!” –Madaline Finger (Sherrills Ford, NC)

“I broke out my shell and made friends!” –Grace Brady (Laurinburg, NC)

“This was such an amazing way to experience the west with an amazing group of people.” –Corbin Allen (Gastonia, NC)

“Honestly didn’t want to do it but I’m glad I did.” –Emmy Letts (Gastonia, NC)

“TWB has been a life changing, eye opening experience. I learned so much about myself, my counselors and my 81 other friends!” –Will Pattinson (Gastonia, NC)

“This has been the best experience of my life and I wouldn’t have changed it for the world, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.” –Haley Coppo (Mooresville, NC)

“This trip is a learning, loving, and living experience, wouldn’t change it for the world.” –Kenna Mullins (Mooresville, NC)

“TWB is a life changing experience that I wouldn’t trade for the world. I learned so many things about myself and this country and made so many wonderful friends.” –Allison Dobyns (Mooresville, NC)

“Very epic.” –Walker Perryman (Beaufort, SC)

“Spike ball built me some pretty dope bands.” –Patrick Inman (Shallotte, NC)

“Anybody that has doubts about going on this trip should put them aside because it is one of the best experiences ever.” –Matt Ferrara (Mooresville, NC)

“I saw God in so many ways on this trip, Through my beautiful country and through so many great new friends.” –Isabella Oxendine (Lumberton, NC)

“Definitely one of the most life changing experiences of my life, not just because of the things I did & saw, but also the amazing friends I made along the way!” –Brooklynn Watkins (Oxford, NC)

“I am so glad I took the leap to go on this trip and make it my own.” –Betsy Bowdish (Raleigh, NC)

“No words.” –Caleb Brannock (Ridgeway, VA)

“When people told me I would make friends for life on this trip, I didn’t believe it. Even now I can’t believe all of the friends and memories I’ve made on this trip.” –Chris Fleming (Wilmington, NC)

“An experience that has changed my life for the better.” –Blaine Lewis (Gastonia, NC)

“TWB introduced me to new environments and people, through that I’ve found the change in me that I wanted.” –Ava Reeder (Laurinburg, NC)

“Growth only happens outside of your comfort zone, so grow.” –Landon Roseberry (Hiddenite, NC)

“Best trip I have ever taken!” –Carter Church (Raleigh, NC)

‘The experiences TWB has offered me is life changing and has given me lifelong memories.” –Harlee Austin (Cherryville, NC)

“TWB allowed me to know and experience love and friendships like never before.” –Nicole Bolten (Gastonia, NC)

“TWB helped me see the goof in every person and created life-lasting friendships.” –Cam Farr (Prosperity, SC)

“I am so thankful that I went on this trip and got to meet so many awesome people along with getting to see the western USA.” –Trevor Preuette (Reidsville, NC)

“It’s a trip you never have the opportunity to take again, where you make over 80 new friends and expand your perception of the country and your comfort zone.” –Mackenzie Bloom (Mooresville, NC)

“A life changing experience that is an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity!” –Autumn Burchell (Eden, NC)

“This trip has been a life changing experience. It’s amazing to be able to see God’s beautiful creations.” –Abbigail Johnson (Madison, NC)

“TWB was the best life changing experience, being able to see our beautiful country and create 80 new friendships that will last a lifetime.” –Rece Guy (Shelby, NC)

“TWB taught me how to go outside my comfort zone by sleeping and showering outside and even better opening up to my new close friends.” –Lauren Hooks (Lumberton, NC)

“TWB has taught me how different people live in the states around me.” –Jessie Oehler (Kings Mountain, NC)

“TWB has really brought me out of my comfort zone & showed me the beauty of America!” –Riley Huffman (Cherryville, NC)

“TWB really is a once in a lifetime experience that helps you get to know your true self.” –Athena Ross (Grover, NC)

“I’m so grateful for TWB and the amazing memories, and lifelong friendships that I’ve made while traveling across the US.” –Mary Catherine Ellington (Reidsville, NC)

“I am very thankful to everyone that made this trip possible! Truly an incredible experience.” –Ethan Thrower (Gastonia, NC)

“This was the best experience of my life, if anyone gets a chance to do this I highly recommend it. God is good! –Joshua Bowen (Whiteville, NC)

"This is God’s Country!” –Ford Golden (Cherryville, NC)

“TWB was the best experience ever. I’m so thankful for this trip and everyone I met.” –Kennedy Meek (Gastonia, NC)

“TWB was the most experiencing trip of a lifetime.” –Kayley Sparrow (Cherryville, NC)

“It’s the greatest thing I’ve done and I’ll never forget it. I can’t think of a better way to spend my summer.” –Adam Datsko (Fort Mill, SC)

“TWB was the best experience of my life, and I’m so glad that I made all of these new friends!” –Keenan Baker (Apex, NC)

“You will never regret it.” –Jo Brennan (Wilmington, NC)

“Is easily going to be an amazing experience to look back on and something I will talk about for years to come.” –Jackson Laney (Louisville, KY)

“Not knowing people sounded really scary but in the end it really helped me be more confident in speaking my mind and being myself in front of people I don’t know.” –Ava Gant (Belmont, NC)

“At first when I heard about TWB I was very against the idea of leaving my friends and family for 23 days; but coming on this trip was the best decision of my life. On TWB I have seen sights across America that I never thought I would be able to see, TWB gave me that opportunity and I am so thankful because of that.” –Miller Plaster(Shelby, NC)

“I was so scared to leave all my friends at home and try to make all new friends on this trip. Now that I’m here I don’t know how I spent my whole life without my TWB family.” –Makayla Finger (Sherrills Ford, NC)

"Today is my moment and now is my story....I'll laugh, and I'll cry, and I'll sing!"

Day 23- Return

Day 23- Return 

Hey friends and family, it’s the grumpy gang blogging for the last time of trip 3 2019 L. Right now, we’re typing this at a gas station, which is pretty fitting, for our final blog. As we were driving, we were blasting music like Sweet Home Alabama, Wagon Wheel, Dixieland Delight, and Baby (TWB classics). People passed around notebooks, sharing information and writing goodbye notes, and we just finished our last meal as a family. Of course, it was pizza wraps. This morning, Grant told us we weren’t allowed to sleep on the bus or vans after our first stop. At first some of us were complaining because we’re all soooooooo tired, but now we’re all grateful we listened because this last bus/van ride has been so amazing. On the bus, people have been walking up and down the aisle talking to all the new friends they’ve made and singing the songs we all love. These next couple hours leading up to our arrival at Mallard Creek are sure to be filled with tears, both at saying see you later to our friends but also at remembering the memories we made. However, we know they’ll also be filled with laughter, smiles, and sing-a-longs to all our favorite songs with all our 76 new friends. We know these relationships will last a lifetime, and even though we may be saying goodbye for now, we all know we’ll see each other again soon!

Special shout out to our amazing, amazing bus driver: J.D.!!! We are so thankful to not only him but also his wife, Sheila, for keeping up with the blog every day and being supportive of him spending 23 days with us!  So to J.D. & Sheila: thank you & just know that this whole TWB trip 3 2019 family loves you!!!!

Day 22- Kentucky

Day 22- Kentucky

Hey it’s the Grumpy group back for another blog! After spending the night in Illinois trying to avoid an attack from the many bugs, we were woken up at 5:45 am and were on the road headed to Kentucky by 6:30. We briefly cruised through Indiana and soon landed in Kentucky, where we visited Churchill Downs; home of the Kentucky Derby. Through museum exhibits, a short movie, and a walking behind the scenes tour, we were able to learn about the history of Churchill Downs and the talented horses that raced there. Luke and Caleb got married, and we even saw one and a half horses (Half because one was a pony). Following the tour, we loaded by groups and enjoyed a gourmet meal of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

We loaded with our dwarf groups to prepare for our very last competition L. We were given the task to create a skit or song to sum up the TWB experience in an entertaining way. On the bus and vans, at the truck wash, and outside of KFC we worked tirelessly to have the best skit. In the end we probably had 2 hours to prepare a 5 to 10 minute skit.

The KFC we visited was not just any KFC, but the original one (Also called the Sanders Café)! The Sneezys wore the trademark KFC bucket hats and served us buffet style. We enjoyed fried chicken, biscuits, green beans, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet tea and lemonade. The chicken really did taste better there! Once we finished having our picnic supper inside the National Historical Landmark, we stood in front of the KFC and gestured cars to honk their horn as they passed. One man went above and beyond for us and did a burnout! After that, we headed to our campsite at Levi Jackson State Park. We unloaded and immediately began performing our skits in the amphitheater at the campground. TWB Jeopardy, trivia and day-by-day renditions of the trip were used to represent the trip. We, the Grumpy group, won with our 21-question trivia skit! Although we won the last competition, the Sneezy group totaled the most points and came out victorious overall. The counselors surprised us with their own skit. They did not hold back on roasting participants and calling out couples, it was quite funny! We sang This Land and Today at our last nighttime sing-a-long before we set up camp.

Once it got dark, tarps and sleeping bags were laid out for the last time. No one was ready to go to sleep though, so most people stayed up doing sing-alongs, making bracelets, throwing glow sticks, and having deep conversations. Most people finally went to sleep at around 3 am after soaking in the last moments with this very special group! We are all going to miss each other so much and we wouldn’t have changed a thing about this trip (except for maybe our experience with Kansas!).

See you tomorrow!
We love y’all!

-The Grumpy Group